Balacron International

Balacron International

Balacron International is a globally operator in the field of cover materials. 
With more than 90 years' experience, our company has a solid foundation created by the combination of in depth knowledge and expertise in production processes, craftsmanship and the latest technological innovation. As a result, we have the largest collection of cover materials in the world in both vinyl and textile; colours are rich and true with striking and realistic textures, and always high quality. Our design studio and professional R&D team  continuously seek new applications and groundbreaking design, leading to a collection that is forever evolving with regular new additions.  We will continue to inspire and surprise our customers with contemporary cover materials; drawing from our experience but always looking to the future. 


Balacron International has existed since 1926, and in the 90 plus years that have followed have created a strong foundation for the future. We combine extensive in-depth knowledge of production processes with craftsmanship and the latest technological advancements. An unparalleled combination as we were the first producer of vinyl-coated paper in this market and offer a total package of cover materials in both vinyl and textile. But Balacron International has more to offer: We have a worldwide distribution network, specializing in gravure, embossing and screen printing techniques. Customers rely on us time and time again for after-sales service. The same dependability extends to the product itself: high quality and high strength are top priorities, and all products comply with safety and environmental requirements. The materials are non-phthalate, FSC certified and REACH-compliant.


Our own studio, our team of designers and our factory are the heart of our organization. This means we have everything under one roof and under our control; from design concept through to production. This makes Balacron unique. Whether you are looking for cover material for menus, faith books, agendas or luxury packaging, we can produce these for you. High quality means the end product is designed to last, no matter how often or intensively it's used. And in terms of designs, the possibilities are endless. A wide range of rich and true colours mix with striking and realistic textures. So no matter how different the applications are, they all have one thing in common: the look and feel of the materials are not only inspiring, they also offer versaility along with contemporary and timeless design.


We are always looking for new applications and groundbreaking design. With our passion for innovation the possibilities are endless. In this way we are able to make cover material in every PMS colour and in hundreds of different textures. We have the largest collection in the world, which is also easily hot foil stamped and screen-printed. Despite all the existing possibilities, we never stand still. We regularly introduce new series and are happy to be challenged by our customers to transcend boundaries and achieve results that exactly match their wishes and requirements. Even if we have to make the impossible possible.