Balacryl Secure 11 PT

Design 11 PT

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Balacryl Secure
Balacryl Secure 11 PT
255 (+/-15)g/m
295 (+/-25) micron

Product info

Balacryl Secure 11 PT is a water-based coating on latex- impregnated paper, reinforced with synthetic fibres that ensures strong and sturdy cover material. The addition of synthetic fibres plays a particularly important role in making the cover material extra resistant to heavy use over the longer term. This is an essential feature especially given that a 10-year lifespan is a hard requirement for this type of product. 

Security Cover Base material Substance in gsm Thickness in micron Frontside coating Backside coating Folding rate MD Folding rate CD
Balacryl Secure 11 PT

Latex, Celllulose, Synth Fiber

255 +/-15 295 +/-25 Aquatic No >8.000 >4.000