Corporate sustainability

Balacron International feels responsible for people, planet and delivering a high-quality product and service.

Responsible business

For Balacron International, sustainability is an important spearhead in business operations. Not only do our products excel in terms of sustainability, but the products also meet all safety and environmental requirements. The materials are FSC certified, non-phthalate and REACH Compliant. We strive to satisfy customers which in turns builds and maintains solid relationships. We have business procedures that deliver products and services meeting the formulated (legal) and specific requirements, needs and expectations of our customers. Balacron International takes responsibility and is happy to contribute to an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable society. Our actions have an impact and that is why we try to do our bit in terms of policy and influence.

Durable products

A long product life is unmistakably an important characteristic of sustainability. A timeless design will last a very long time. All of our cover materials are scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and colourfast. The products excel in terms of robustness, so that the end product lasts for more than average, no matter how often and intensively it is used.

FSC certification

Balacron International supports the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in the field of global conservation and responsible forest management.  Ecological, social and economic aspects associated with forest management are taken into account in a balanced way. Balacron International is FSC certified and contributes to the protection of forests and the creation of a healthy environment for both humans and animals.

Balacron International was assessed by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) on 19 June 2018 in accordance with the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council A.C . Based on this assessment, Balacron International Chain of Custody is certified to sell products such as FSC Mix. The certificate code is: SCS-COC-006372 Trademark License Code: FSC-C141806. Take a look at our FSC certified products. 

The Balacron International FSC certificate and the FSC logo can be downloaded from the header on the website via the button under downloads.

REACH Compliant

The wrap materials from Balacron Covers are REACH compliant. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. This directive has been introduced to improve the protection of public health and the environment with regard to the risks of chemicals


All Balacron Covers products are also free of Phthalates. Phthalates are color and odorless chemicals that are used, among other thingsfor making ink, glue and perfume. Balacron has replaced these phthalates, which could potentially be harmful to public health, by a proven safe and tested plasticizer - without compromising durability or general quality.

Sustainability within the production process

Balacron International is working hard to reduce its ecological footprint. Firstly, a good understanding of our production process is needed. We are able to calculate our carbon footprint using a specific calculation method. This allows us to anticipate new developments at an early stage and determine where more environmental benefits can be achieved in the future. Careful use of raw materials and reducing energy consumption is a permanent task within our production process. A few principles are: the use of LED lighting, the detection and remediation of compressed air leaks and the reduction of the zero load at our compressors. We are also constantly working on optimizing the logistics chain, which means that transport movements can be reduced and used more efficiently. Finally, Balacron International has a unique method in our state-of-the-art color dosing line. As a producer, we are one of the few able to reuse residual pastes from the machines and process them in other products. This reduces the amount of raw material required and produces less waste. In 2018 we reprocessed 3.8% residual paste in the pasta factory. So in all production vessels there was an average of 3.8% residual paste. Of the total amount of residual paste, we have re-used 80% and disposed of 20% (as waste). Balacron International remains responsible for the safety, health and well-being of our valued staff. We take good care of our employees. We pursue an active personnel and environmental policy that is based on the common interest of good cooperation and, on the other hand, on legal requirements. We ensure that we create attractive working conditions. 

Member MJA Convenant & EEP

Balacron International is a participant in the MJA covenant. The Long-Term Agreement on Energy Efficiency (YES) is a voluntary agreement between government, industry and institutions to improve the energy efficiency of products, services and processes and thereby reduce the use of fossil fuels. As part of MJA, we have drawn up an Energy Efficiency Plan (EEP). This includes measures for improvement in energy efficiency over the 2017-2020 planning period. By monitoring energy users, a basis for energy performance indicators has been established.