BN Covermaterials becomes Balacron International

1 Jan 2019

From 1 January 2019 BN Covermaterials becomes Balacron International.

Balacron International

From 1 January 2019 the name BN Covermaterials will be replaced by the name Balacron International. With this change, the brand name becomes the company name. A name that refers to the product we have been supplying to customers all over the world for decades. This name change is part of a large-scale rebranding of our activities in the area of covermaterials.

Balacron International will serve as an umbrella for three new brand names that we will also carry out from 1 January 2019: Balacron Cover, Balacron Security (formerly BN security) and Balacron Digimedia (formerly BN Digimedia).

Four collections: Heritage, Spectrum Atelier, Textile

In the context of this rebranding, we have reviewed our entire range and divided it into four different collections: Heritage, Spectrum, Atelier and Textile. Collections with each their own character. This is how Heritage stands for the foundation. For timeless designs in combination with high quality and pure functionality. Spectrum offers an extensive range of colours. From soft pastels to clear signal colours. The same applies to designs that are from understated to extrovert and from practical to emotional. Atelier's designs and applications are groundbreaking and innovative. Designs that make a statement. Often daring and always innovative. Textile offers, as the name suggests, a wide range of designs and applications, where textiles form the basis. In all shapes and sizes.


A lot has changed in terms of communication. We have developed a new website ( and can be found on the social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest from 1 January 2019 under Balacron covers. In addition, our presentation materials have been updated: the existing presentation folders have been replaced by Leporello's and we have optimized our sample service.

New logo Balacron International
New logo Balacron International