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Be inspired by some great examples of applications of Balacron Covers material.


Balacron International (1926) is the first producer of vinyl-coated paper in the world. In this way, we can combine far-reaching knowledge of the production process, craftsmanship and the latest technological possibilities like no other. The materials are of a high quality, non-phthalate, FSC certified and REACH compliant. We also have a worldwide distribution network and we offer excellent service.


We have both design and production in our own hands. We can produce everything tailor-made and there is a choice from a wide range of pure, rich colours, vibrant textures and designs. Suitable for different application possibilities, with an attractive look and feel and always contemporary and timeless


We are always looking for new applications and groundbreaking designs. Due to this urge for innovation, the possibilities are endless. We are able to make covermaterial in every PMS colour and in hundreds of different reliefs. We have the largest collection in the world, which is also easily labeled as foil and screen-printed.


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